COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) and Level 3 Restrictions on Dental Practices

Updated: Friday August 7th

Given the current situation with the global COVID-19 Pandemic, we want to let our valued referring dentists and patients know that we are now operating under the Level 3 Restrictions (as recommended by the Australian Dental Association and the Victorian Government) and have enacted a long list of additional measures to ensure the safety of not only our patients but that of our staff and the wider community.

We have put in place strict guidelines internally when it comes to treating patients and we are prepared to continue to offer our services for as long as possible. These involve not only the extra infection control procedures, but social distancing between staff & patients and adjustments to our procedures & procedure times.

Under the Level 3 Restrictions we are limited with what sort of treatment we can perform on our patients. The restrictions are put in place to ensure that dentists are not performing treatments that generate aerosols. However, the restrictions do allow for limited services to be provided when and if a patient falls into the following categories:

  • Acute dental pain that requires either an extraction or endodontic treatment under rubber dam
  • Significant upper front teeth trauma– with restorative treatment provided under rubber dam
  • Soft tissue pathology for eg. Ulcers
  • Conditions at higher risk of negative outcomes if no access to timely intervention
  • Medically compromised patients with dental concerns which may compromise their systematic disease
  •  A higher risk of of rapid progression of dental disease
  • Patients referred by a Medical Practitioners for urgent and necessary dental care

All routine dental treatments are to be deferred until further notice by the Australian Dental Association (ADA). This will mean that some of our patients will be receiving calls over the coming weeks to defer or reschedule their appointments.

We treat all of our patients under rubber dam and our aerosol creation is very limited. We also have the appropriate PPE available and extra precautionary measures in place.

We understand the importance of not overloading the hospital system with dental emergencies – especially during these trying times and urge you to touch base with us should you or someone you know fall into one of the above categories.