Patient Survey

Berwick Endodontics Anonymous Survey

Who was your treating Endodontist?

Was your Endodontist professional and courteous?

Was your proposed dental treatment, and any associated fees, explained clearly before treatment commenced?

Were the receptionists courteous and helpful?

Was your dental assistant considerate and sensitive to your needs?

Is there anything about your visit that you would change?

Was our waiting room and patient bathroom comfortable and clean?

Did you find the overall presentation of our surgery pleasant and clean?

How would you rate the service you received at Berwick Endodontics out of 10?

Would you recommend our service to your family and/or friends? Please explain the reason for this answer:

Further comments:

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey.

Berwick Endodontics are always striving for the highest quality of care and your feedback is appreciated.

Any other concerns, or if you wish to speak with the Practice Manager directly please contact 03 9796 2070.

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